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Congratulations on your decision to take the SHRM Essentials of HR Management program. This site will allow you to purchase your course materials through Kroger’s discounted rate.

1) Please review and print the following brochure to understand the details of the SHRM Essentials of HR Management program and special Kroger pricing.  Align with your manager and then come back to this site to register and make your purchase.  Remember you could be eligible to use Feed Your Future Continuing Education funds to participate in this program.

2) Click on the log in link in the shaded area above to begin the purchasing process of materials which include printed workbooks and online software.  Next, create an account as a new customer using your Kroger (or affiliated) email address to receive Kroger’s special pricing.  Then click on learn more, then add to cart, then proceed to checkout to complete your purchase

3) After the purchase is made you will receive an order confirmation with FedEx tracking number to monitor your shipment of books, an emailed invoice, and an invitation from ‘SHRM Distribution’ with a link to activate the online portion of the Essentials program.  Please check your spam or junk folders if this invitation is not in your main inbox.



What Kroger associates had to say about the program:

“I am glad that Kroger teamed up with SHRM to offer this class. I think this is a GREAT class for someone in the DHRM role. There are a lot of topics that we hit that would be very insightful for them. I know that if I would have had this class back when I became a DHRM, it would have helped a lot.” Division Recruiting & Training Manager

“[T]he biggest take-away I have so far relates to the entire experience. I have been on the HR team for close to two years and as I mentioned in the beginning I knew a little about each department. After working through the modules, I have a much better understanding why we do what we do.” Sr. Field Trainer

[A big] takeaway for me was that solid definition of Human Resources. As we are in the stores Human Resources can lose its meaning, and sometimes it can get mixed in with everything else we do . . . I think this made me think about my role, and how I can use this to create more productivity in the store. The other thing that I thought was great was the Strategic Planning process. I want to give this to my store and have a solid plan that everyone knows going forward. I think this class is going to take us to the next level.HR Assistant Store Manager